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Bulbasaur led Night Light

Bulbasaur led Night Light

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Our Night Lights are child-friendly, safe and have 16 LED colour options that help kids sleep soundly. This night light is the best night light for kids in Australia and worldwide. 

This night light is the perfect way to create a magical and calming environment for your child, or a great decorative piece for someone you may know. Our lights not only brighten your room, but brighten your child’s, friends or partners face when receiving them as a gift!


  • Power source: plug-in (USB type)
  • Comes with its own 16 colour remote control, so you can easily change the color, brightness, and timer settings as well as adjusting different ways for them to flash through!
  • Choose from 16 different colors. A flash, strobe, fade or smooth sequence is also available.
  • The dimmer allows you to set the light to 4 different brightness levels, so you can find the perfect setting for your child's needs. It can get as low as barely visible!
  • LED lights - low power consumption and never gets hot or needs replacement
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Dimensions: 20x 15 x 5 cm (approx.) sizes may vary

What is included:

  • Your Custom Cut Acrylics design and LED light base packaged in a box
  • USB Cable 
  • Remote control (batteries included)

Order your Night Light today and bring some character to the room!… See what we did there.

Please Note: Our Lights are plug-in or battery operated and come with a USB cord to run all night. You can use any USB outlet like smart phone charger to connect the light with. Our bases also operate with batteries.

Batteries for the base not included (3xAA)

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